Lost in Bulgaria – A gem in every Province

I have spent many hours, days, weeks and months researching Bulgaria.  The reason for it taking so long to complete my website is that I get lost in the history, culture and everything else that Bulgaria has to offer.

Today I planned to complete one (yes, just one) province, yet I have only skimmed the surface.

Throughout my research I have met many interesting people, not just Bulgarians but people from around the world who all have their story to tell about how they came to be living in Bulgaria.  For most it was affordability, at first but this developed into a satisfied existence, enjoying each day as it come without the stresses they were used to living each day in their country of birth.

When I have completed the basics, I will then move on to the things that are important to you for your daily living, where to shop, eat and drink.  Since first entering Bulgaria, I have even began to explore everything available.

Most of the time it is like people are waiting for me to contact them and I do not know the reason for this.  The Bulgarian Dream is here to provide a service to everyone in Bulgaria.  I have been asked “but how much will this cost me” “why is this free” “why do you want to help me”.  The answer to all of these questions is because this is also helping me.

I do not claim to be an expert on Bulgaria (I probably will be, once the website is complete) but I enjoy spending time in Bulgaria and want to experience everything, the sights, the festivals, the culture.  Generally immerse myself in daily living and know where I need to go when I want or need to buy something.

Please do not wait for me to ask, do not feel that your business does not need to be listed. Get in touch and share with those who could be your next customers.


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